Equipment maintenance:


Equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance on the operational stage is one of the most important types of service offered by Gamma Tech company. Range of services includes supply of materials and elements and current service maintenance. All chemicals and reagents are high quality products from leading producers and in line with all industry standards in terms of safety and ecology

Despite the supply of consumables, our specialists carry out technical audit of the equipment; give consultations on its optimum use and undocumented possibilities. Gamma Tech engineers have training courses in training centers of industrial-manufacturers in Great Britain, Germany, Holland, USA, South Korea, UAE and all of them have international diplomas and certificates.

Gamma Tech was one of the first companies that presented the newest technologies of air-conditioning, air filtering, as well as water-purification and water-preparation in Turkmenistan. Among the successful state level projects we would like to highlight the project on supply and installation of air-conditioning complex systems for the retail market of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan in 2010-2011; the supply of membranes and cartridges for desalination plants of reverse osmosis in Turkenbashi; carrying out complete technical audit of desalination equipment and rendering maintenance services of its elements.

Today Gamma Tech is looking to the future with confidence. The essence of its strategy reveals via interaction with clients and partners in terms of long-time orientation on cooperation and aspiration for rendering the highest world standard services.

Having gathered huge practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and stable relationships with suppliers, the company has potential to execute works on the widest range of projects in different spheres regardless of difficulty. Solutions offered to the clients of the company are always economic in terms of manpower and financial resources, without compromise in quality.